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we offer personal training sessions.

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bring your family and enjoy hikings.

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Reda Sabti

i will give Randonner a Cheval the only 5 stars because they deserve it, not only that but i think i will stay a loyal member of the club.

Jason Gardner

wow just wow, i didn't thought that i will enjoy the hiking with Randonner a Cheval i will be back again soon so i can enjoy hiking..

Kate Spencer

i heard about Randonner a Cheval from a friend of mine i was skeptical at first but then came the unexpected, an unforgettable experience.

Rachid Al Fadile

healthy horses, beautiful landscapes, good trainers, if you're searching for a horse club your search is done.

Ralph from Germany

i have spent 3 hours driving from germany to france just for Randonner a Cheval, and let me tell you, worth every penny and every minute.

Nancy UK

if you love horses then Randonner a Cheval is the place where you will find fellow horse lovers.

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